domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Our Bishop visited us

On the second Sunday of Advent , our bishop Quique came to visit us and the Christian community. He came on Saturday evening, the children had prepared dances, because here every event is celebrated with dances, the bishop enjoyed the dances, and he danced and sang with the children and the young people. It was very nice. Also this day was Gomi’s birthday (one of my sisters), it was lovely, one of women of the community made a cake for her, everybody sang “happy birthday”, the children gave her some gifts and flowers.  Then drinks and sweet were delivered for the children. At night Quique and Yago (a volunteer from Spain) came to our house. Sunday morning Quique celebrated the Mass, after that he blessed the play ground of the kinder garden. For lunch a representing of the Christian community came to our house to have lunch with the bishop, in total we were 20 people. The women made the food, it was delicious.


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